Transit Packaging

Whenever you need to dispatch products or send items through the post or using a courier service you will need to make sure the goods arrive at the destiny in the same condition they left. To help with protecting your items we offered the best in transit packaging. Protect your delicate items with a range of protective packaging such as bubble bags, bubble wrap. Pack it in a postal box and fill it with void fill or cushioning air-filled pillows and rest sure that your goods won't suffer any damage.

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Eco Friendly Alternatives

Protection of the environment is an important issue and although it often experiences a bad press due to ignorance, packaging made out of plastic and polythene is actually one of the most efficient forms of packaging (due to its very low carbon footprint) and the ability to recycle. The following sites specialise in "green packaging" (environmentally-friendly) packaging:

Mailing Bags

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Mailing bags are most commonly used for posting promotional material or delivering your products to your customers. They are often referred to as courier bags or courier sacks, polythene mailers or postal mailers. Manufacturers and suppliers of mailing bags include: Specialist supplier of mailing bags, polythene mailers, courier bags and plastic envelopes. Offers discount ranges and high-impact ranges for all mail-shot and postal packaging needs. Free UK Delivery.

Postal Boxes

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Rigid card backed mailers, flat packed mailing boxes and tubes are ideal for products that must not be bent or creased in transit. Pack your goods in a box along with void fill or air-filled pillow and be sure that you products will arrive in one piece. Also if you are sending posters, artwork or any paper work that won't fit on a mailing envelope just roll it and put it in a postal tube and they will keep the material crease free.

Loose Fill

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As mentioned above, when using postal boxes to pack delicate contents make sure to fill all void space with loose fill or cushioning bags to avoid damage to the contents.

Protective Packaging

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Protective Bags specilizes in protective packaging with great prices and discounts on air bags, void fill, bubble bags and bubble wrap. Everything you need to know to help you choose the best type of protective packaging for your mail-order and delivery needs.

Bubble bags

Bubble bags have proved to be one of today's most versatile packaging materials. Bubble bags are soft and flexible and yet display incredible tear resistance and offer a good alternative to feather-light mailing bags which are heavier and generally more expensive to send.

Discount Bubble Bags is a website dedicated to help finding the economy manufacturers and distributors of bubble bags. Learn about bubble bags, bubble rolls, bubble wrap and bubble mailers.

Bubble wrap

Bubble wrap is a transparent plastic material made out of polyethylene employed to cushion or protect packed goods. The bubbles in the plastic sheet are spaced in a regular way. Projecting air-filled humps, the "bubbles", produce lightweight cushioning for valuable or delicate items.

Discount Bubble Wrap provides information about bubble wrap and bubble film, where to buy the polythene products from. Also explains what cohesive wrap, adhesive and anti-static wrap are.

Cushion bags

Cushion packaging is very popular as it saves valuable storage space compared to traditional packing chips, plus it is considerably cheaper to transport due to its low-weight saving you money and helping the environment with a reduced carbon-footprint. The cushions are supplied on 8" wide rolls and you can choose the length to fit your packing needs, perfect for use as void fill.

Cushion Bags another website dedicated to protective packaging with great suppliers and discounted prices on cushion bags, air bags, void fill, bubble bags and bubble wrap. Help choosing the best type of protective packaging for mail-order and delivery needs.


Moving fish

If you are moving to a new home and want to take you fish with you you'll need to get strong polythene bags and poly boxes from your pet shop, in which your fish will be moved. It's better if you do it yourself to prevent any accidents. Have some containers prepared so that you can take the old tank water with you. This will help the fish enter their new environment quickly and safely.

Place the fish in the polythene bag with about 25 per cent tank water and the rest air, and secure with rubber bands. Then, place the bags in the poly boxes, these will regulate their temperature. They should be safe there for about 12 hours.

Decant the tank water into the containers, place any live plants in plastic bags with the tank water. In your new home, set up the tank as quickly as possible and slowly introduce light to your fish. When you have done this, place them in the bag on the surface of the full tank and after about 20 minutes, release them from the bags and let them enjoy their new home.

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